Our Top 10 Editing Tips

Do not overuse similes, saying something is like something else. Poetry is usually improved by metaphor. The yellow sun is like an egg yolk can become the sun is yellow as an egg yolk or the sun is egg yolk yellow or simply the sun is an egg yolk or just the egg yolk sun. Then you can start thinking about albumen clouds. BewareContinue reading “Our Top 10 Editing Tips”

2020 Cerasus Poetry Olympics – Final Results

It is my pleasure and honour to announce the Final Winners of the 2020 Cerasus Poetry Olympics: Gold Medal: ICELAND (Mark Kilburn) Silver Medal: FIJI (Sophie Norton) Bronze Medal: OMAN (John Gallas) Laurel Wreath: PERU (India Halstead) Many congratulations to 4 most worthy champions and to everyone else who took part in this competition andContinue reading “2020 Cerasus Poetry Olympics – Final Results”

According To The Dandelions

John Wilks is the Editor in Chief of Cerasus Poetry. ‘According To The Dandelions’ is a compilation of 50 of his poems, extracted from the body of work he has written over the past 50 years, loosely themed around Childhood. His own childhood and adolescence, as you might be able to calculate, took place inContinue reading “According To The Dandelions”