‘OUTBRANCHING’ by Scharlie Meeuws available to buy now.

‘OUTBRANCHING’ by Scharlie Meeuws “Words are my arthropod feelers with which I carefully sense my way in an outbranching world… When a poem is a true expression of feeling, it can be liberating. The pace and timing of words reveal a full and surprising range of meaning, which I believe is best expressed through theContinue reading “‘OUTBRANCHING’ by Scharlie Meeuws available to buy now.”

Announcing our latest publication: ‘Last Night I Met John Adcock’ by Ewan Lawrie

Ewan takes us from his days as a self confessed adolescent arsehole, through his time as a cold warrior, to his abandoned attempt to become an ex-pat writer in exile, taking stock of his relationship with his father and various skirmishes with women on the way. Yet he also takes us deeper into the past,Continue reading “Announcing our latest publication: ‘Last Night I Met John Adcock’ by Ewan Lawrie”

Announcing the launch of our first publication

‘painting for lemonade’ by sj howarth when life gives you lemonade, there is no way to turn it back into lemons, yet this pitcher of poetry retains its acidity and leaves an occasional pip on your tongue, while reminding that each of us is a momentary citrus-tanged effervescence, caught somewhere between sharpness and flatness, inContinue reading “Announcing the launch of our first publication”