Brian Comber

Author of ‘Preparing a Child for the Physical World

Brian Comber lives in Worcestershire in England and writes poetry together with occasional flash fiction and short stories.
He really likes spoken word events and has appeared regularly at such evenings in Worcester for a few years (more recently online of course).
He is a member of the Worcester Writers’ Circle.
He’s had poems published by Picaroon Poetry, Prole Poetry, The Beach Hut, Gentian journal, Feral Poetry, Dear Reader, Wild Pressed books, Re-side, Emberr and Selcouth Station.
Brian had a poetry pamphlet published by Black Pear Press (‘Panopticon’) in 2021.
This new volume of poetry with ‘Cerasus’ is his second collection.
He worked for many years with people experiencing acute and long term mental health difficulties and also those with impaired mental capacity (particularly in later life) and that work has influenced his thoughts and writing in areas such as inclusiveness, communication and human rights.
He wishes he’d started writing sooner in life.
He finds walking and running helps when he can’t think what to say. He tries to write every day, but sometimes he just stares at the screen or makes another cup of tea.
He’s walking the South West coastal path in gradual stages and hopes that this will both help him to compose poems and also to live longer.

I saw a hare tremble,
I saw a child’s glove on a fence post,
I saw a gannet, wings tucked in a dive
stop inches from the sea,
a peregrine held in a stoop,
then the air above the bracken compressed, the gorse raged
and a thousand colours streamed across the bay

(Extract from ‘Still life near Combe Martin’)

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