Ewan Lawrie

Author of ‘Last Night I Met John Adcock

Born on an Royal Air Force base in North Africa, schooled in mock-baronial splendour in Alnwick in Northumberland, Ewan spent one year each working in brick and tile export sales, as a statistics clerk in Farmway an agricultural trading group and on the Post Office counter in one of those beautiful Victorian buildings that are town-centre flats now. Ewan succumbed and joined the RAF himself.

Whilst serving 23 years in the Royal Air Force, including 10 in Cold War Berlin and 12 more flying over the rather warmer conflicts that followed, Ewan began writing. In the main this was to pass the time during long, boring flights over desert countries. After a while, this way of killing time developed into a passion.

Having spent the last 15 years in Spain, Ewan has been attempting to write poetry and prose. Now he lives in Manchester: since he is not rich enough to be an expatriate writer, he is going to have a go at being available for promotion and marketing of his writing.

A long-time editor of ABCTales writers’ site, Ewan’s debut novel ‘Gibbous House’ was published in 2017.

Ewan Lawrie
Last Night I Met John Adcock

Come a little closer to the fire,
we’ll change places,
I’ll put my back to the door,
you can watch,
guard my back.

Speak a little louder for the wind,
the walls are cracked,
we’ve put sacks on windows:
we are safe
from small beasts.

(extract from ‘The Crack In Everything’)

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