Michelle Fulkerson

Author of ‘I Am From Stargazing On Rooftops

Michelle Fulkerson fought her way into the world at just 23 weeks gestation and weighing only one pound. Against the odds, she survived and thrived. An avid reader, she started writing poetry and short stories at age 12. Around that same time, Michelle began struggling with anorexia, anxiety and depression. She kept a journal where she wrote with poignant honesty regarding her mental health struggles. Michelle wrote up until her death, just 4 months shy of her 18th birthday.

I am from stargazing on rooftops and
vinyl records scattered across the floor,
from movie quotes, podcasts, books started at the age of five. 
I’m from love shown in words unspoken,
hugs and lullabies sung by Mom at my bedside,
from Fall Out Boy all the way to Tchaikovsky;
this is the music I was raised on. 

(Extract from ‘I Am From’)

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