Penny Sharman

Author of ‘Swim With Me In Deep Water‘ and ‘Catching the Heather

Penny Sharman was born in Oxford and brought up in Burford in the Cotswolds.

She ventured north in the late 1960’s and has remained in love with the Pennines where she lives.

Penny is a poet, artist, photographer and complementary therapist. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Edge Hill University.

Even after retirement Penny seeks new ways of being creative. She is inspired by art and natural landscapes and has a surreal approach to her work.

She has had poems published in magazines and anthologies such as The Interpreter’s House, Strix and Obsessed with Pipework, Beautiful Dragons and Coast to Coast to Coast.

Penny Sharman
Swim With Me In Deep Water

In dreams she’s a flying snake.
Her cold skin reflects an image
of paradise in her underbelly.
She has green scales, flower petals
from neck to tail, red, orange, yellow.

In dreams she slithers through air
from tree to tree in her arboretum.

(Extract from ‘Wibernant’)

She’s losing her flesh to a sinking world.
She’s emptying bins on the high street.
She’s knocking at your door and mine.

She’s a screw that turns a world’s future.
She’s a movie of hammer and nails.

(Extract from ‘White Bear’)

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