Scharlie Meeuws


Scharlie Meeuws was born in Germany and started writing poems at a very young age. During her studies abroad, she also wrote poems in Spanish and French.

She moved to England in her thirties and now lives in Oxfordshire.

As a mother of four, all dispersed to different continents, she presently has more room in her house for creating textile designs and photographic art.

As a digital artist, she is a member of Faringdon’s Art Society, where her work can be viewed in an online gallery and at local art exhibitions.

She also writes short stories, but her main passion has always been poetry.

Scharlie Meeuws

I kissed a life away at dawn.
The silent garden looked bereft.
I walked down to the apple tree,
embraced his stem and stroked his leaves
and thanked him, when I left.

(Extract from ‘Downgrading’)

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