Crown of Eggshell

By Rachel Deering

This flock of poems features cuckoos, blackbirds, owls, magpies, ortolans, starlings, nightingales, canaries, auks, larks, jays, goldfinches, sparrows, thrushes, swallows and swifts.

Their presence recurs over both land and sea, sometimes in the company of capricious gods, beneath the celestial lights of the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.

They bring colour and song to the darkest places, an incessant reminder of hope and recovery, as we journey in their company.

Crown of Eggshell
Rachel Deering

Available to buy from Amazon as a 66 page paperback priced at £7.99 or to download as an ebook from our Ko-fi Shop for £3.99

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