Alex Smith

Author of ‘I Dreamt I Wrote Another Me

With a foot firmly each side of the Irish Sea, Alex Smith was raised in troubled Northern Ireland during the Eighties.

Educated in English and Spanish, his work has taken him to some of the most socially deprived schools in England.

His stark poetry has been published in ‘Twyckenham Notes’, ‘Tammy’, ‘Barren Magazine’, ‘Bonnie’s Crew’, ‘Abstract: Contemporary Expressions’, ‘Ink & Voices’ and ‘Okaydonkey’.

He edits at ABCtales and struggles with barre chords.

Alex Smith
I Dreamt I Wrote Another Me

When the dandelions triumph
and the old tree sprays purple blossom,
it’s then I’ll miss you.

You sang to every moment,
greeted every bug with reverence
and smashed all the ornaments.

(Extract from ‘Forgotten Blossoms’)

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