2020 Cerasus Poetry Olympics – Final Results


It is my pleasure and honour to announce the Final Winners of the 2020 Cerasus Poetry Olympics:

Gold Medal: ICELAND (Mark Kilburn)

Silver Medal: FIJI (Sophie Norton)

Bronze Medal: OMAN (John Gallas)

Laurel Wreath: PERU (India Halstead)

Many congratulations to 4 most worthy champions and to everyone else who took part in this competition and made it such a positive experience (though by no means easy) to judge.





Important Notice

Please note that, for the duration of the Coronavirus epidemic in the UK, we will not be selling any books via our website. This is to avoid visits to the Post Office, which tends to be always crowded, in order to maintain ‘social distancing’.

All titles are still available on Amazon.

Stay safe everyone.

According To The Dandelions


John Wilks is the Editor in Chief of Cerasus Poetry.

‘According To The Dandelions’ is a compilation of 50 of his poems, extracted from the body of work he has written over the past 50 years, loosely themed around Childhood.

His own childhood and adolescence, as you might be able to calculate, took place in the 1960s and 70s, so much of the content is nostalgic for those times. But don’t be fooled, it is not necessarily autobiographical.

The purpose of this compilation is to raise money for the BBC Children In Need Appeal and it is guaranteed that, for each and every copy of this book sold, £5 will be donated to that charity.

It is available now on Amazon, priced at £11.50 for a 68 page trade paperback, or in other formats as below.

Read a review on ABCtales.

‘According To The Dandelions’ by John Wilks

68 page trade paperback, signed by the author. Limited edition, available from 25th November, can be pre-ordered now. For delivery to UK postal addresses only.


‘According To The Dandelions’ by John Wilks

ebook in Portable Document (.pdf) Format, featuring an extra 4 poems not in the paperback, plus bonus free copy of the Cerasus Sampler.


Please note, although the theme is Childhood, much of the content is adult in nature and not suitable for children.



‘OUTBRANCHING’ by Scharlie Meeuws available to buy now.


‘OUTBRANCHING’ by Scharlie Meeuws

“Words are my arthropod feelers with which I carefully sense my way in an outbranching world…

When a poem is a true expression of feeling, it can be liberating. The pace and timing of words reveal a full and surprising range of meaning, which I believe is best expressed through the use of simple language. While I like to depict the scale of events, scenery and emotions, I prefer to do so almost invisibly.

Poems are small on the page, but can swell to fill the mind.

In this collection, poems drift in and out of inner space, explore loss and death, love and feelings, forever interwoven with a thicket of branches, enlivened by an occasional cluster of colourful blooms.”


‘OUTBRANCHING’ by Scharlie Meeuws

84 page A5 paperback (for delivery to UK addresses only*)


*Non UK customers, please check availability with online retailers such as Amazon, etc.


‘OUTBRANCHING’ by Scharlie Meeuws

ebook version in Portable Document (.pdf) Format, with an extra 20 poems not featured in the paperback.



‘OUTBRANCHING’ – both versions

Buy the paperback of 'OUTBRANCHING' by Scharlie Meeuws and get the ebook version with an extra 20 poems for only £1 more. (For delivery to UK postal addresses only)





Announcing our latest publication: ‘Last Night I Met John Adcock’ by Ewan Lawrie


Ewan takes us from his days as a self confessed adolescent arsehole, through his time as a cold warrior, to his abandoned attempt to become an ex-pat writer in exile, taking stock of his relationship with his father and various skirmishes with women on the way.

Yet he also takes us deeper into the past, to when it used to be all fields round here, to where an endless game of Risk had already long been played on a blood soaked board with real soldiers for counters.

It is tempting to believe that his years spent flying reconnaissance missions, with the world spread out below him unscrolling like a campaign map, tinged with hours of boredom and barrack room banter, shaped his poetic viewpoint, giving him a detached and strategic approach to deploying words.

But there is heart here, just not pinned to the sleeve of his flight jacket.

‘Last Night I Met John Adcock’ by Ewan Lawrie

72 page A5 paperback (for delivery to UK addresses only*)


* Non UK customers, check availability with online retailers such as Amazon, etc.

‘Last Night I Met John Adcock’ by Ewan Lawrie

ebook in Portable Document Format (.pdf) with 12 extra ‘deleted scenes’.


Announcing the launch of our first publication


‘painting for lemonade’ by sj howarth

when life gives you lemonade, there is no way to turn it back into lemons, yet this pitcher of poetry retains its acidity and leaves an occasional pip on your tongue, while reminding that each of us is a momentary citrus-tanged effervescence, caught somewhere between sharpness and flatness, in the greater froth of life

though we are taken to familiar poetic haunts – the coast, the countryside, paris – we are also drawn to more mundane locations – mcdonalds, tescos, his mum’s attic – and shown the bleakness of everyday life at one remove – from the top deck of a bus, via a commuter train window, through a living room wall –

 and yet, in those same places, we find small, brief moments that cumulatively (spoiler alert) make us realise that life IS beautiful, after all

read a review here: www.abctales.com and here: www.amazon.com

 Available to buy now in two versions:


‘painting for lemonade’ by sj howarth

66 page A5 paperback (for delivery to UK mailing addresses only)*


*(non UK customers, check availability from online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, etc)


‘painting for lemonade’ by sj howarth

ebook in Portable Document Format (.pdf) with 6 bonus ‘deleted scenes’