Our Top 10 Books

It’s the time of year when Top 10 lists tend to get published, so here’s a rundown of our best selling publications since our inauguration in 2018:

10th: ‘My Brain In All Its Perfidious Beauty’, a compilation of entries from the 2020 Poetry Olympics competition which was won by Mark Kilburn.

9th: ‘Ghost And Found’ by Eleanor May Blackburn, who is a talented actress as well as poet.

8th: ‘According To The Dandelions’ by John Wilks, a childhood themed collection whose profits are donated to Children In Need.

7th: ‘A Snake Charmer’s Assistant’ by Sophie Norton, a surreal modernist work by a runner-up in the Poetry Olympics.

6th: ‘The Coveted’ by Laura Jane Round, the first of our chapbook collections.

5th: ‘I Dreamt I Wrote Another Me’ by Alex Smith, detailing life in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

4th: ’33.9 Million Miles From Lyme Regis’ by Laurie Avadis, a savage and witty view of contemporary relationships.

3rd: ‘Waiting For Another Velvet Morning’ by Julia Macpherson, a posthumous compilation about her mental health struggles, with profits going to the charities MIND and the Compassionate Friends.

2nd: ‘Crown Of Eggshell’ by Rachel Deering, whose natural world metaphors have proved to be our most consistent seller.

1st: ‘I Am From Stargazing On Rooftops’ by Michelle Fulkerson, which was only released at the end of July 2022 and has already outsold all our other titles. A memorial to another young woman who died far too soon.

If we included our quarterly CERASUS Magazine in the list, then issues 6 and 7 would take 7th and 9th places.

There are a number of titles in the pipeline to be released soon, so next year’s top 10 could be quite different. Look out for:

‘Bedding Plants For My Father’ – Alex Barr.
‘Hunter In A World Of Farmers’ – Alfie Shoyger.
‘Blank Slate’ – Elisabeth Horan.
‘Light’ – John Grey.
‘In Search Of A Subject’ – John Short.
‘Calamity Gospel’ – Kyle Vaughn.
‘I Think I’d Rather Roar’ – Matthew Freeman.