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Our Top 10 Editing Tips

Do not overuse similes, saying something is like something else. Poetry is usually improved by metaphor. The yellow sun is like an egg yolk can become the sun is yellow as an egg yolk or the sun is egg yolk yellow or simply the sun is an egg yolk or just the egg yolk sun. Then you can start thinking about albumen clouds. Beware the use of weak verb endings. A phrase sounds more dynamic, direct and active without them. The dog is barking is made more immediate when the dog barks. Doubly beware the use of adverbs and adjectives, which lack… Read more Our Top 10 Editing Tips

CERASUS Magazine Issue 0

CERASUS Magazine is now available to buy on Amazon as a full colour A4 size 44 page paperback, priced at £5.99, featuring poetry and prose by Seth Crook, Jim Ferguson, George Gunn, SJ Howarth, Maxine Rose Munro, Zach Murphy, Penny Sharman & Morelle Smith.

Important Notice

Please note that, for the duration of the Coronavirus epidemic in the UK, we will not be selling any books via our website. This is to avoid visits to the Post Office, which tends to be always crowded, in order to maintain ‘social distancing’. All titles are still available on Amazon. Stay safe everyone.