Our submission details have been updated to include short story collections and novellas (less than 80,000 words), as well as poetry.

Short Stories – Send the text of one short story.

Novellas – Send the text of your first one thousand words.

Poetry – Send the text of three poems.

We are also open for one-off submissions of poetry, fiction, prose and artwork to CERASUS Magazine.

As ever, we are looking for writers with something new to say and new ways of saying it. ‘Quirky, original and thought provoking’ it says on our website. So if you don’t fit into a conventional style or genre, you could very well appeal to us.

Email your initial manuscript to preferably in the Rich Text (.rtf) Format. No covering details required.

We aim to respond in a timely manner and will ask for a further submission, if we are interested.

Please note, we are not a vanity publisher, so will never ask you for money. Nor do we guarantee publication, unless we are confident you can supply a full, complete manuscript of publishable quality.

You must be prepared to accept constructive criticism and to take editorial advice.