Eleanor May Blackburn

Author of ‘Ghost and found

Eleanor is a 24 year old actor/writer from Sheffield.

She graduated from Falmouth University in 2019 with First Class Honours in Acting.

Eleanor is currently taking her autobiographical self-written solo show ‘Subdural Hematoma’ to various venues, this is the story of a brain injury she suffered in 2015 and is therefore very close to her heart.

Eleanor took to writing down her thoughts and feelings throughout the first lockdown and has since been published in Glitchwords, Southchild Lit and Full House amongst others.

So far she has been published in two anthologies; Globalisation: The sphere keeps spinning by Making Magic Happen Press and a Yorkshire Anthology by Greenteeth Press.

This is her first chapbook and she is incredibly excited.

first it was all blossoming

felt tip pens and soppy emails and pints sipped through a straw

smelling the roses and marc jacobs perfume and vegetarian gravy

then it was all unflinching

banging my head and dramatic impulses and cherry flavoured

I don’t even like cherry

(Extract from ‘Finally’)

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