John Gallas

Author of ‘The Gnawing Flood

John Gallas is a New Zealand poet presently living in Markfield, Leics.

He has 23 collections published, mostly by Carcanet Press; also Five Leaves, Agraphia, Cold Hub (NZ), Indigo Dreams etc. (including ‘The Song Atlas’, ‘Fresh Air & the Story of Molecule’, ‘Star City’, ’52 Euros’, ‘The Little Sublime Comedy’, ‘Very Pacific Poems’ and ‘Pacifictions’).

Forthcoming in 2021-2 are, ‘Here They Come! 200 Tankas Loaded with Goodness Straight to Your Doorstep’ (Leicester University Press), ‘The Extasie’ (Carcanet) and a translation of Petrus Borel’s ‘Rhapsodies 1868’ (Carcanet Classics).

He is a translator, librettist, St Magnus Festival Orkney Poet, SaxonShip Sutton Hoo Project Poet, Fellow of the English Association, traveller, biker and endless tramper over the tracks of the world.

John Gallas
The Gnawing Flood

The autumn snow-moon
walks in black cloud.

My sister, I too am
the pearl of the world.

Amid obscurity,
our faces flood brilliance.

In Heaven
everything is white

(Extract from ‘Empress Wu Zetian Attempts To Whiten Her Skin By Eating Pearlpowder)

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