Waiting For Another Velvet Morning

By Julia Macpherson

A record came on, maybe around 4.00am:
‘Some Velvet Morning’, the singer intoned.
We looked at each other, listened.
It had captured our mood so accurately.
After it ended, we all said we would not
forget this night. It was one of those
sunlit, spider-web moments that cannot be
swept away.

This collection of poetry and prose represents the life’s work of Julia Macpherson: a young woman who died too soon, before the full extent of her writing talent was recognised and realised.

Having worked for the publishing house Virago and for the mental health charity Mind, it is no surprise that she writes with candour about being female and about her struggles with psychological problems.

The influences of Plath and Sassoon can be heard in her words, but she also has her own distinctive voice, often humorous and always forthright, with which she describes her childhood, family, womanhood, loves, relationships and health.

She does not shrink from the tragic recognition of her own decline, nor from depicting the blunt edged bureaucracy of the care profession that ultimately fails her.

Yes, there are moments that will break your heart. And yet, many of those same moments will also make you laugh.

Above all, ‘Waiting For Another Velvet Morning’ is a celebration of Julia’s life, made possible by those she loved and who loved her in turn, and who love her still.

The net profits from this book will be shared equally (33% each) between Mind, the mental health charity and The Compassionate Friends, supporting bereaved parents and their families.

(Please note, this book contains references to suicide and self abuse, which some readers may find upsetting.)

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Waiting For Another Velvet Morning

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‘Waiting For Another Velvet Morning’ by Julia Macpherson

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