Last Night I Met John Adcock

By Ewan Lawrie

Ewan takes us from his days as a self confessed adolescent arsehole, through his time as a cold warrior, to his abandoned attempt to become an ex-pat writer in exile, taking stock of his relationship with his father and various skirmishes with women on the way.

Yet he also takes us deeper into the past, to when it used to be all fields round here, to where an endless game of Risk had already long been played on a blood soaked board with real soldiers for counters.

It is tempting to believe that his years spent flying reconnaissance missions, with the world spread out below him unscrolling like a campaign map, tinged with hours of boredom and barrack room banter, shaped his poetic viewpoint, giving him a detached and strategic approach to deploying words.

But there is heart here, just not pinned to the sleeve of his flight jacket.

Last Night I Met John Adcock
Ewan Lawrie

Available to buy from Amazon as a 94 page paperback priced at £7.99 or downloadable as an ebook from our Ko-fi Shop for £3.99

Shortlisted for the Poetry Book Awards 2020

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